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Audio & visual Infotainment in the "under 35’s" bank



July 2012


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Superflash, the new concept of bank for the young generation, deploys digital signage and in-store radio to engage, inform and entertain the millenia clientele

Intesa San Paolo launch the online banking service for the under 35’s, “Superflash”.

In 2011, Superflash sees the opportunity to open Flagship stores to provide a more extensive service making the branch a meeting place where it offers guidance, consultancy, training and hosts special events to attract young people.

In support to the communication activities Superflashplans to deploy digital signage and in-store radio in the branches.

Intesa San Paolo identifies M-Cube and PushPull as the suitable partners for the Superflash digital media communication project.

“Superflash”, the Intesa San Paolo online banking service for the under 35’s, in 2011 sees the opportunity to open Flagship stores in city centres to provide a more extensive service to its customers , combining the online experience and the banking services in the branches.

The branches are going to be a retail bank to all effects although services are not going to be provided over the counter. The concept is to create an environment suitable for the young generation and a meeting place where the bank offers guidance, consultancy, training and hosts special events to attract young people; such as concerts, sports events, fashion shows and cultural events.

Along with quick and easy computer access and free Wi-Fi connection, Superflash is looking to deploy audio and visual digital media to provide an engaging communication comprising, live conferences, information on new products and upcoming events in the branch.

Intesa San Paolo identifies M-Cube and PushPull, a well-known radio producer company and a trusted M-Cube partner since 2004, as the suitable partners for the Superflash digital media communication project.

The two companies collaborate to manage the Superflash Radio broadcasting online and in-store, and M-Cube also manages the development and implementation of the digital signage network.

Digital Signage
All Superflash branches have been fitted with a video wall in the central area where events and conferences take place, and a monitor placed in the front window. The latter’s provide passers-by with information on the branch opening and closing times, upcoming events and general sales information.
M-Cube is providing a “turnkey” service with a fortnightly content update.

In-Store Radio
The branches also benefit of the M-Cube in-store radio service, broadcasting the existing Superflash Radio program available online.
PushPull has been managing the online Superflash Radio for sometime and has also created the music competition named Musicflash. The competition promotes the music of talented young people. The songs are played on Superflash Radio and the public vote online for their favourite artist. The winner is invited to perform live in one of the Superflash branches.

M-Cube has also developed a system to guarantee the multimedia integration between the in-store radio and the video wall. So that the volume of the music of the in-store radio player is turned down when the video wall broadcast goes live.

The digital signage and in-store radio, have met Superflash objectives of creating an engaging communication with its audience. It skillfully integrates the on and offline communications, providing an informative service which supports the bank activities to make banking attractive to the young generation.