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Monitors and radios In-store become an integral part of the marketing mix





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How will the supermarkets of the future be? A preview can already be seen in the Despar, Eurospar and Interspar stores in the North East for some years now: large multimedia outlets where information and promotional communication also pass through digital signage and in-store radio.

Aspiag Services Ltd. – Despar North East, is the largest of the 10 companies making part of the consortium DESPAR Italy

Aspiag Services manage the SPAR brands of Despar, Interspar and Europspar for a total of 581 sales points (2010 figures)

In 2010, Despar North East launch the stores renewal investment plan and looks for suitable solutions to improve the in-store communication.

Aspiag Ltd, dedication to improving the quality standards of its retail network, has launched in 2010 an investment program to renovate its stores.

As part of the renovation plan, Despar North East is also looking to use a modern tool to improve the in-store communication and the promotion of products.

The digital signage has seemed a natural choice to provide an effective visual communication in support to the in-store marketing activities.

The Group has identified M-Cube digital media solutions as the ideal partner for the project, owing to the company long-standing expertise in the development and implementation of customized in-store marketing solutions for the retail sector.

M-Cube has provided Despar North East with a turnkey solution based on the digital signage platform SCALA.

Each store has four 46” Samsung Network monitor installed in the fresh-food area: the fishmonger, the butcher, the gastronomy and the bakery.
The displays are used to highlight the single fresh food area and inform the waiting customers of special offers available in the store that week.

Despar has been very pleased with the results obtained in increasing sales and boosting its brand image.