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Milan at a fingertip! The interactive communication arrives in Milan



September 2012


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Milan’s newly installed interactive totems give visitors and residents all time access to the city transport, travel and events information as part of the ATM Info-mobility project

ATM Milan Transport Agency since 2007 has invested its resources to transform Milan into a smart city: a well-connected and a sustainable metropolitan area.

In 2011 ATM, the Municipality of Milan, the Milan’s Airport Agency and the Milan Fair sealed a collaboration to equip the city with interactive information points to support the travelers during their journey.

Were selected for the project: Samsung Interactive Totems, Scala digital signage platform and M-Cube to implement the digital signage solution and for the network management.

To provide an all-round service to support the travelers during their journey, in 2011 ATM, the Municipality of Milan, the Milan’s Airport Agency and the Milan Fair sealed a collaboration to equip the city with interactive information points.

The project was looking to implement interactive totems at travel hubs around town where residents and tourists could find information on public transports, plan their journey, consult interactive maps, check on-going events and fairs in town, view flights arrival and departure times updated in real time and more.

ATM, knew that the success of the project depended on three critical factors:

  • The hardware: a highly reliable outdoor interactive Totem able to sustain intense usage under all weather conditions
  • The software digital signage: a reliable and flexible platform that could guarantee the interaction and processing in real time of the data coming from different sources (ATM, Municipality, Airports, Milan Fair)
  • Network planning and management: good graphic design, intuitive navigability, data integration from a number of sources, upgrading flexibility and monitoring.

ATM singled out the Interactive Totem by Samsung, as reported by Roberto Carreri, Project Manager IT Dpt. ATM,  “among a number of available solutions, the Samsung outdoor Totem did stand out for its technological specification, excellent value for money and the unequivocal reliability and support that such an important brand offers”.

For the digital signage solution, network planning and management ATM turned to Scala digital signage platform and M-Cube, already involved in the project “renewal of the signalling and public information channels” in the underground since 2010.

ATM advocated this project to provide the city of Milan with a comprehensive information service available at all times. To ATM this is the opportunity to offer an added value service to the passengers and to bring them closer to our reality.

Roberto Carreri, Project Manager IT Department, ATM

M-Cube has designed the graphic and navigability of the touch-screens aiming at usability and intuitive access to information. The content, available in multiple languages, is organized in themes’ areas.

  • public transport and viability, with real time updates
  • information on events, places of interest, tourist information and cultural activities around town
  • flights arrivals and departures times at Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports, updated in real time
  • interactive maps to find the nearest bus or metro station, to locate the nearest pharmacy, to plan one’s journey viewing route and transport to use to get to destination

The Totem testing phase run for a period of 5 months. It surpassed all expectations withstanding the extreme weather conditions of this past winter and summer and getting a very positive feedback from the community.