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Music inside the store: the study of 300 retail chains



June 2017


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Publisher Largo Consumo  Special Research – June 2017

Font: Cermes Bocconi University “Music Design in the shopping experience” (Nov. 2016). Sponsor of the research M-Cube Digital Engagement, Italy

The use of music in shops, completes the brand image and entertains customers and staff when liked, it is distractive and even annoying if the choice is wrong. These are the finding of the Bocconi University research.

The research on managers’ perceptions has been carried out with a telephone survey of 300 medium to large Italian retail chains, under direct management, with at least 30 stores.

MUSIC IN THE STORE – from the research

From FM Radio to In-Store Radio
Almost 30% of the retail chains considered use music in their stores. Supermarkets stand out with an 86% use and Retail chains with 72%.
The most frequently used medias are FM and Web radio, yet it is the in-store radio to confirm its success: the personalized service is perceived as a key element to communicate the brand identity and managers are willing to pay a monthly fee for the service.

TO EACH BRAND ITS OWN MUSIC: the Retailer’s endorsements

We turned to a professional service to create a musical identity for our brand, but always keeping in mind our employees that for us come first and foremost.
Francesco Bottigliero, Brunello Cucinelli

Our program broadcasts ad hoc messages to each store. We are also considering the possibility of using the in-store radio before opening times to motivate and train employees..
Tea Della Pergola, Euronics