Digital Engagement

When online and offline meet.
And the store becomes interactive and smart

Digital signage

Through advanced digital signage platforms, system integration, IT and APP development, and the creation and management of multimedia content, we offer solutions that drive the customer experience to new levels of interactivity and your company to new levels of efficiency.

Digital signage platforms

Having specialised in digital signage for over 15 years, we work with the best and most efficient platforms on the market. Our objective is to offer a personalised service, finding the right solution for the client’s needs.

Global coverage

Through our network of European offices and associated partners around the world, we can respond to any need or request, even on an international scale.

Central management

Our Content Management service allows the precise scheduling of transmissions on any LCD, LED, touch or interactive device, optimising communication within your company.

  • Videowalls

    Digital Artwall

  • Art Walls

    Two-display banner

  • Led Walls

    Banner display

  • Videowalls

    Indoor LED wall

  • Videowalls

    Store window LED wall

  • Videowalls

    Menu Board

  • Videowalls

    Video wall

  • Videowalls

    Store window digital display

Smart Communication

Whatever the sector – from fashion & luxury, retail and shopping centres to banking, grocery retail and food service & hospitality – our Smart Communication solutions are fine-tuned to the smallest detail.
The visual impact of the images, content and functionality: every element is curated by the creative professionals in our Content Lab team. Ideas are their expertise and it is their mission to implement them rapidly.

Interactive and Mobile

Interactivity and mobile marketing complete the in-store experience

The digital transformation of the physical store is an opportunity for the retailer to implement a branding strategy in line with the needs and behaviour of today’s omnichannel customer.

Through mobile applications, interactivity and integration with the company's legacy systems, M-Cube creates solutions that make the customer’s in-store experience completely unique. New digital elements enhance actual contact with items and the service provided by sales assistants. For an in-store service that is flexible, personalised and engaging.

The creation of applications, interactive solutions and the integration of Smart Retail systems are the core service provided by our Content Lab.

Content lab

The laboratory for ideas and multimedia solutions

A precise and competent application design and development team: digital signage specialists and creative graphic designers work in synergy to create digital engagement solutions and multimedia content that will make the in-store customer experience unique.


Content adaptation for individual displays, content development for LED walls and custom navigation for interactive kiosks and apps: our Content Lab offers ideas, experience and creativity.

  • Artistic direction
  • Content production
  • Retouching
  • Content adaptation
  • Post-production
  • App Design


Our solutions are all created from extensive expertise in the design and development of ad hoc digital applications and can be integrated with corporate legacy systems or other types of system.

Integration with legacy systems:
ERP, RFID, CRM, Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Other systems:
E-commerce, social media, Queue Management System (QMS), beacon, news feed, weather, mobile...

In-store Analytics

Understand and measure in-store purchase behaviour

The ability to analyse in-store consumer behaviour has always been one of the biggest challenges in retail.
Our partners offer valid tools that analyse traffic flow, the use of space, engagement with products and visual merchandising and attention to digital signage.
We are able to deliver this increasingly precise (and therefore valuable) data thanks to new digital technology.

In-store traffic flow analysis

People counting sensors and micro face detection cameras can provide accurate data on the number of people entering and exiting the store and periods of high and low traffic. The software is programmed not to save images (and therefore respect privacy!) and to automatically exclude staff. The system produces customer profile reports broken down by gender, age and ethnicity.

In-store Customer Journey

Motion detection technology monitors the consumer journey within the store as well as the time spent in a given area. It uses Heat Maps to show areas of highest and lowest traffic. Reports detail the average time spent in different areas of the store as well as the time spent queuing at the tills or at collection points. This information can help to improve customer service (e.g. by increasing the number of staff on the tills at certain times of day) as well as the layout of products and the store itself.

Visual merchandising and purchase analysis

Facial detection technology and people counting sensors placed in shop windows and specific areas of the store assess the effectiveness of your visual merchandising.
How many people pass your shop window? How many then stop and enter the store? What is it that caught their eye? Which product was of greatest interest? How many people went on to buy that item?
This data provides precise information that can be cross-referenced with receipts to improve marketing, visual merchandising and product strategy.

Smart Signage

Smart Signage analysis

Sophisticated movement sensors, facial detection devices and people counters enable detailed analysis of digital signage: from the position itself to the effectiveness of content.
Heat maps highlight traffic in screen areas as well as main dwell areas. Micro cameras positioned on the screen, interactive kiosks and touch screens linked to people counters can tell us: how many people passed in front of the screen, how long they remained for, which content caught their eye and how much time they dedicated to the content. The system produces reports broken down by age, gender and ethnicity.
Is the position of your display effective? Is it at the right height? Does the content appeal? Is the loop too long or too short? We can now adopt a data-driven approach based on data that has been collected, measured and analysed. Just like any other digital marketing tool.

Smart retail

The Internet Of Things for an intelligent store

Using integrated digital signage, RFID, interactive technology, augmented reality, mobile technology, apps and QR codes, we create efficient in-store digital solutions that engage and communicate.

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