19 January 2021

2020: A Revolution in Consumer Shopping Habits

2020 New trends

The last few months of 2020 saw a revolution in consumer shopping habits and many brands made significant investments in digital transformation in order to respond to these changes.

Consumers demands have changed profoundly, partly due to the new way of life they have been exposed to. On the one hand, consumers demonstrate increased focus on issues such as health and safety in public spaces, while on the other, there is an increased propensity for online shopping experiences. According to the latest Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics) data, e-commerce increased by over 50% last November, the third most important increase after June and October 2020.

Three new drivers characterise digital transformation in this period: In-Store Low Touch Experience, driven by a new focus on health and the perception of spaces; New Engagement Experience, which mainly occurs through the consumer’s device, with solutions such as live commerce or augmented reality; and Anytime Anywhere Gratification, the gratification derived from the purchase is no longer linked to the physical store, it can now be experienced anywhere and at any time of day, thanks to highly personalised online customer experiences.

Despite the challenges of 2020, the M-Cube group managed to contain the impact of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, recording a consolidated revenue of € 36 million, in line with the 2019 financial year. This mostly stemmed from omnichannel solutions, which recorded +65% growth in line with the trends seen over the year, and LED solutions (+30%). The group also consolidated its international presence with its overall number of clients increasing from 406 to 434 and the acquisition of some important international clients.

As our CEO Manlio Romanelli explains, our objectives for the new year are clear: “The challenge that 2021 brings is starting again and we must offer even greater support to brands in understanding and keeping afloat of the new trends dictated by the Covid-19 crisis, trends that are proving to be long-term changes and will become an integral part of consumer habits. M-Cube has been working towards this for years now, anticipating this new reality and providing the responses needed, today more than ever, to transform it into an opportunity for a new start. The results of 2020 confirm that we are moving in the right direction and we predict that this will continue throughout 2021, giving us the chance to transform the business models of the majority of brands on the market even more profoundly.”