27 November 2020

M-Cube and Lenovo join forces to present strategies for the store of the future

M-Cube & Lenovo

We participated in the Retail Transformation Summit to show companies how to manage digital transformation and how purchase behaviour is changing in the omnichannel era.

On Tuesday 24th we participated in the Sole 24Ore Retail Transformation Summit, an event dedicated to in-store digital transformation and the new developments that are defining the world of retail.

Leonardo Comelli, our Chief Marketing & Product Officer and Davide Patrini, OEM Solutions Sales Executive at Lenovo, spoke at the event to explain the changes that digital transformation has made to the in-store customer journey.

The main theme was omnichannel strategy, understood as integration of the physical and virtual store, which now defines new sales and distribution formats, and the impact of digital transformation on physical channels.

In M-Cube, we use specific digital engagement solutions to support companies in the construction of a customer journey that will accompany clients through each fundamental moment of their in-store experience, both on and offline. This process uses innovative technology, exciting images and dynamic and interactive content provided by a wide range of solutions and technology developed according to the company’s specific needs.

What’s more, collection and analysis of data on customer interaction with the retail environment, both physical and digital, allows brands to offer increased customisation, which improves the customer experience at any point, ensuring it is enjoyable and engaging for every client.

We  handled the technological installations at Lenovo’s first European concept store, Spazio Lenovo, which opened in Milan in September 2020, designing and installing LEDs and large-scale monitors to immerse customers in the Lenovo world and communicate all the latest news about products and upcoming events.

Leonardo Comelli, M-Cube Chief Marketing & Product Officer: “Today is an important event in the world of digital retail. It is a chance to assess how digital transformation is increasingly changing the purchase experience and how companies need to be guided through this process with an emphasis on final customer satisfaction. We are very happy to have the opportunity, alongside our partner Lenovo, to share our experience and explore the next frontiers for both companies and consumers. We are living through an exciting time in terms of new technology and its application in the retail sector, where it can take the virtual sales experience to the next level and provide greater customer satisfaction.”

Giulia Lupidi, Spazio Lenovo Manager: “Thanks to our collaboration with M-Cube, we have created a place where customers and consumers can directly experience Lenovo technology in a lively and stimulating environment that represents the values of our brand. Spazio Lenovo uses reflections, text, large screens and LED walls for entirely digital communication and this technological experience unfolds along exciting, experiential and immersive pathways.”