30 January 2019

M-Cube UK Digital Engagement at Dubai Retail Summit 13-14 Feb. 2019

M-Cube UK Digital Engagement in partnership with Samsung is showcasing at the Retail Summit, Dubai 13th – 14th February, the SMART RETAIL SOLUTION

Transforming the in-store customer experience.

Samsung is showcasing the newly launched solution: Magic Info Engage
The in-store customer engagement solution providing the retailer with new tools to send personalised and targeted notifications to in-store shoppers and to receive real time data on their shopping patterns and behaviours. A set of analytic tools enabling retailers to make strategic decisions on the store layout, visual merchandising and customer engagement experiences.

M-Cube Digital Engagement’s centre-piece solution at the Exhibit, is the “Make-up Virtual Try On”, our Augmented Reality based experience. The application, designed for the beauty sector, allows customers to try beauty products such as nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadows virtually and see the results in the ‘Magic Mirror’. Customers can also create a wish-list of products and record their beauty session with the make-up artist and receive the session via e-mail.

In-store technologies for today’s retailers!

Samsung – M-Cube
Retail Summit, Dubai
Atlantis Hotel
13th – 14th Feb. 2019

If you are interested to learn more about the solutions or like to meet up with our sales executive please write to:

Sean Wilms s.wilms@mcubeglobal.com

M-Cube Digital Engagement, at the forefront of the Digital Transformation for the Retail sector, is working with brands globally to drive in-store engagement, interactivity and personalising each experience to drive customer engagement to new levels. See our Smart Retail solutions.