14 July 2016

Personal Marketing Video: the future of e-mail marketing from M-Cube

Video, data, personalization, experience and involvement are the key words underlying the new offer from M-Cube, a revolution in the world of digital marketing, a truly captivating experience that brings surprising results in customer loyalty and ROI

personal marketing video_mcubeMilan, 22 June 2016 – M-Cube, leading company in the creation of audio-visual solutions for in-store marketing, is now offering a new e-mail marketing solution; it is an innovative way to increase greatly the success of marketing campaigns through an interactive experience tailor-made for the client. It is called Personal Marketing Video (PMV) and is the new frontier in the digital marketing sector.

Since its beginnings M-Cube has stood out for its pioneering role in understanding market trends, perceiving their benefits and shortcomings, and developing solutions to answer the demands of the companies operating in these fields. Digitalization is becoming increasingly widespread and customers, always connected with their tablets and smartphones, are ever more interactive and informed. This can lead to content overexposure, and catching their attention is becoming increasingly difficult. Hence the need to develop a type of communication that interacts with, and involves, the customer with an immediate and personalized experience.

The Personal Marketing Video combines the impact of the visual channel -highly interactive and catchy – with the data to create effective, personalized and memorable e-video messages. Every company has a very valuable resource: the CRM data, that can be easily turned into a creative force to attract the customers attention in a new and efficient way.

M-Cube can provide companies with complete support to set up a PMV strategy thanks to its dedicated department and its working synergy with the Content Lab professionals, specialized in the contents development both in terms of customer targeting and narrative.

The end-to-end solution of M-Cube supports companies during the phases of:

Design – from the company’s goals setting to the legal requirements, up to KPI definition, creativity and graphics, audio/video production and handling of the programming.

Deployment – from the creation of the video generating software to the platform setup, up to the launch of the campaign.

Production – from go live to the checking of the results of every single campaign through dedicated dashboards and periodical analysis of performance.

The results are visible right from the start and can be easily measured during the entire run of the campaign. For example, the PMV campaign of a well known Italian bank from May to December 2015 has shown:

  • an increase in the e-mail opening rate of 3.3, recording a percentage of 33%, much higher than the sector average of 10%.
  •  a 2.6 increase of click-through: 37% against the sector average of 14%

During the 6 months it run, the campaign has reached 10 times more customers than the traditional campaigns of e-mail marketing.

“In a situation of overexposure to contents it is vital for companies to stand out and distinguish themselves, and to implement marketing campaigns in line with this business objective. Companies already have all the potential, they just need to invest in order to make full use of the data they already have. M-Cube believes in the evolution of the market, and only companies that embrace innovation will be able to compete both at home and internationally. The size of a company is no longer so important as it is its openness to innovation” says Manlio Romanelli, President of M-Cube.