Key Facts:

The online to offline strategy and the adoption of the digital in-store is the future of retailing. Retailers adapting to the digital world can provide a seamless customer experience across all channels.




INDUSTRY , Fashion & Luxury , Retail , PRODUCTS , Digital Signage,  In-store radio , Marketing Intelligence , Marketing support tools , Proximity & Interactivity ,


M-Cube digital media solutions have created and implemented a number of integrated digital solutions for retail stores aimed at increasing the customer engagement and shopping experience as well as the retailer performance and sales.

M-Cube helps to integrate the online and the mobile offer with the in-store experience, through the retailer APP and the beacon technology. We provide solutions to improve the stock management and sales through RFID tags, interactive display and sales assistant digital catalogues integrated with the e-commerce retailer website.
Digital signage displays and video-walls are deployed to grab the attention of the client in-store and provide useful information about the products on display. The interactive table, display or kiosks assist the customer in their shopping by providing information about products availability, alternative sizes and colours as well as suggest complimentary items to match.
Retailers can gain insight of their customers in the store, measure the effectiveness of the visual merchandising and promotion campaigns with the aid of in-store analytic technology.

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