At the end of 2014 the Company has declared a solid business growth and is now announcing its international expansion with the opening of new offices in New York and Shanghai.

Milan, 8 January 2015 – Next week  M-Cube, leading company in digital audio –visual solutions for in-store marketing, will be present at the NRF Big Show in New York, the most important world event dedicated to the retail market. Taking part in this event, showcase for the world’s biggest players in this sector, is an important goal achieved by M-Cube, that sees its excellence recognised internationally.
Since 2001 the Company has been at the forefront thanks to  its innovative character and its state of the art solutions for the broadcast of distance multimedia contents, through both digital signage and in-store radio, on top of marketing analytics solutions. The past year has been a very positive one, with a solid growth in business and a total sales volume of over 8 million Euros, nearly doubling the 4.6 million Euros turnover of 2013.
This has allowed for further investment in R&D in order to develop ever new solutions in response to the market’s needs, but has also led to new acquisitions and territorial expansion.
 In 2014 the Company has taken an important step and has announced the decision to expand internationally with the opening of branches in New York and Shanghai.
“The Chinese and American markets offer a great potential for growth. We are very proud of being able to export our know-how Made in Italy. And although taking part in the Retail Big Show was a big step forward, it is only the first one towards the international markets” said Manlio Romanelli, M-Cube’s CEO. “We are witnessing a profound change in the retail sector where investment in the new technologies is fundamental.  Our main goal is to be the leaders in the evolution of this market and to offer ever more competitive and innovative solutions”.
The opening of the International branches and the acquisitions policy have led to the expansion of the team that now consists of 50 professionals.
“2014 has been a very successful year for us, and we are looking forward to an equally positive 2015. We shall continue to develop innovative solutions with the main focus on what for us are the most important markets, such as fashion, luxury, retail banking, and of course the entire retail sector, from hypermarkets to clothing chains, where there is an ever growing interest in technological solutions such as those offered by M-Cube”  concluded Romanelli.
M-Cube S.p.A
Milan, Italy-based M-Cube S.p.A. is a leading company in audio-visual digital media solutions and digital content management for in-store and out-of home communication. The company’s offerings include the design and implementation of in-store radio and digital signage communication solutions and marketing applications ranging from mobile to in-store proximity marketing up to audience measurement and marketing intelligence.
With offices in Trieste, Milan and Padua, representative offices in Rome, Shanghai, New York and a well-established network of global partners, M-Cube offers its services worldwide. Today it manages thousands of audio and visual stations in more than 70 countries.
M-Cube solutions are especially designed to engage the out-of-home audience providing a seamless online to offline customer experience to all major vertical markets of: Retail, Fashion & Luxury, Banking and Finance, Transportation, private Corporates and the Public Sector.: www.mcubeglobal.com




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