M-Cube market leadership together with Sowre solutions open new frontiers in the retail sector to guarantee bigger business returns. 


Milan, 3 March 2014 – M-Cube, leader in audio-visual solutions and digital content management, and Sowre, specialized in Shopping Intelligence solutions, are joining forces to provide a unique marketing media offer and create a new in-store buying experience.

To observe how customers move inside a shop, understand what attracts and interest them represents an essential strategic tool for the retail business. The system developed by Sowre can map anonymously and statistically the customers present inside a shop, grouping them by gender, age and ethnicity. To guarantee highly reliable monitoring there is also the possibility of introducing a “white list” that can provide in real time, through sophisticated technology, data on the customers only, ignoring the staff and personnel present in the shop.
These very valuable data, integrated with the most innovative systems of Digital Signage offered by M-Cube, mark a new concept of retail outlet that can interact with the customer in a personalized way, taking into account their specific requirements.
With the available real time information on the shoppers, it is very easy to employ ad hoc Digital Signage solutions that can activate different messages, lights and sounds in the store, adapting them to the single customer.
There are many advantages in combining the Sowre statistical profiling software (BRS) with M-Cube solutions.
Such as:
– Increased conversion rate between in-store presence and purchases: a better in-store shopping experience leads to a substantial increase of promotions’ ROI and the possibility of measuring them;
– Substantial savings on overheads and operating expenses:  processes optimization and the use of reliable technologies eliminates wastage and maximizes available resources to reach better results. This also thanks to the possibility of broadcasting pre-set automatic messages according to the detected audience;
– Analysis of shop space use: acquiring real time data guarantees a direct feedback on customers perceptions inside a given area. Thus it is possible to rethink visual merchandising strategies in a very short time and strengthen the most  profitable areas of the shop with the best offers and messages;
– Better shopping experience: a satisfied customer who feels actively involved in his shopping experience will tend to return to the shop.
All this represents an important step forward for the retail sector that can now start a constructive dialogue with consumers. The retail outlet becomes “intelligent”: it can observe, know and learn in order to provide specific contents based on the user requirements. Moreover this creates a virtuous circle, so that the data gathered permit a better interaction with the consumer who, in turn, provides useful information for the improvement of the shops and the sales force.
“The shopping experience has changed a lot in recent years. Customers are more informed and used to digital technology, and they expect to find it also inside retail shops. The ability to interact directly with a brand creates empathy and gives a high level of reliability.” says Leonardo Comelli, Director of Sales at M-Cube. “ There has been a lot of talk about  the introduction of digital technology in shops for some time now, but the real turning point is the availability of our distinctive and reliable technology capable not only of improving the shops themselves but also of providing reliable information to boost company results.  This is applied with success to the retail sector, but can be employed with equally good results in many other sectors too such as banking, transport, and service companies like travel agencies or estate agents. Today, thanks to the partnership with Sowre and its proven reliability, we can guarantee the best shopping experience, both to our clients and to the end consumer.” states Comelli.
“Today we can apply to a store the same logic that allows an e-commerce website or a social network to know in depth the requirements of their public. We are talking of real, every day, physical shops, in constant competition with the virtual ones for customer loyalty.” adds Marco Tronati, Marketing and Sales Executive at Sowre. “We believe that the shopping experience must be unique. Only in this way it will be possible to get improved sales results. Even if a person doesn’t buy anything, observing their behaviour becomes strategic for the development of potential business. Now it is easy with our solutions to segment one’s public, analyse their behaviour, and study their reaction to marketing messages. A new way of looking at customers, for a more intelligent shop.”
Founded in 2001, M-Cube is Italy’s leading company specialising in audio-visual solutions and digital content management for in-store and out-of-home marketing.
Thanks to its highly innovative technologies, expertise and a team of highly qualified professionals, the company provides targeted solutions to meet its customers’ marketing needs and business objectives.
M-Cube is specialized in the design and implementation of in-store radio, marketing intelligence and digital signage communication projects.
The company offers its services worldwide thanks to a well-established network of global partners and a sophisticated 24/7 network management service.
M-Cube provides solutions to: Retail, Fashion & Luxury, GDO, Banking and Finance, Transportation and the Public Sector.  www.mcubeglobal.com
“Sowre s.r.l. is a qualified System Integrator company offering efficient IT solutions and highly qualified services to give  clients a competitive edge through technology. With over 60 technicians and advisors specialized in IBM solutions, and over 30 in SAP solutions, Sowre provides all the necessary services to implement successfully innovative and highly structured projects. Sowre contributes to its clients success with new ideas and services, supporting with the most up to date technology their business, their interaction with the markets and their network of clients, suppliers and partners.” www.sowre.com
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