M-Cube’s intimate knowledge of the retail market together with PushPull’s creative radio and video contents offer a powerful and competitive communication tool for companies and stores.

M-Cube digital media solutions growth 2015


Milan,  09 February 2015M-Cube, the company leader in digital audio-visual solutions for in-store marketing announces the acquisition of PushPull, one of the major Italian producers of audio and video programmes and contents.

PushPull was started in 1978 by Marcello Pozza, building over the years a collaboration with the main publishing groups, such as “Repubblica/L’Espresso”, and producing radio and TV ads for famous brands like Warner Music, Coin Group, Bosh, Mercedes, Fiat, Bata and hundreds of other Italian and international clients. It is also well known for having written and produced  famous radio programmes, not to mention its activity as talent scout for both radio and TV.

Following the acquisition PushPull will retain its brand name and will represent the contents division of M-Cube under the leadership of Marcello Pozza, who will be in charge of the creative directorship.
The acquisition of PushPull  is the result of a solid partnership that has been ongoing since 2007, and is part of M-Cube’s vertical growth strategy in order to strengthen its in-store audio and video services, one of the company’s key business areas. Communication inside points of sale or branches is becoming more and more relevant. It is one of the most important trade-marketing tools, not only because it guarantees a unique and motivating  shopping experience for the customers, but it is also an invaluable tool to inform and train personnel. This is an often overlooked aspect but its potential is gaining recognition. PushPull will contribute to the development of this aspect, also thanks to  the experience gained with the conception of a series of daily programmes for Radio Intesa Sanpaolo, a station  dedicated to the bank’s customers but also to the staff, with  specific programmes hosted by well known Italian radio networks personalities.
The acquisition of PushPull by M-Cube will strengthen and increase the range of  services offered, with greater focus on contents and creativity.  It has also expanded the company’s structure, with fifty people now employed in the Italian branches in Trieste and Milan, plus 5 audio production studios and 3 video post production ones.
“This acquisition is very important strategically since it allows us to integrate M-Cube’s consultancy and technological know-how with PushPull’s exceptional creativity” affirms Manlio Romanelli, M-Cube’s CEO.
 “ The in-store radio market is definitely reaching its peak, especially with regard to communicating with  customers. PushPull’s experience allows us to develop highly competitive solutions in answer to the market’s demand, always looking for more effective tools to address the consumer. As for the growing potential of internal  communication we have no doubt  that the know-how of PushPull will help us to expand and consolidate this market too” says Romanelli.
“Together M-Cube and PushPull represent a unique organization in Italy. It can rely on excellent technological and creative know-how to offer high quality services and audio-video productions, not only in Italy but worldwide. This is the result of years of collaboration on important and successful projects for Italian and foreign clients. Today we are a truly well-established company, ready to deal with the market’s ever growing challenges” says Creative Director Marcello Pozza.
 M-Cube S.p.A
Milan, Italy-based M-Cube S.p.A. is a leading company in audio-visual digital media solutions and digital content management for in-store and out-of home communication. The company’s offerings include the design and implementation of in-store radio and digital signage communication solutions and marketing applications ranging from mobile to in-store proximity marketing up to audience measurement and marketing intelligence.
With offices in Trieste and Milan, representative offices in Shanghai, New York and a well-established network of global partners, M-Cube offers its services worldwide. Today it manages thousands of audio and visual stations in more than 70 countries.
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