despar display fresh counter productsMilan, 07 July 2014Aspiag Service (which operates SPAR in Northeast Italy), one of the largest food retail chains in Italy, has chosen the M-Cube technology to start a brand new way to communicate with its customers, opening the door to new technology and imparting a modern and innovative image to the brand.

Despar Northeast
has already pioneered the adoption of new technologies, such as in-store radio– within some of its stores. Today, in the era of digital and mobile revolution, it is important to increase the interactive potential within the stores in order to broadcast focused and highly personalized messages to the customers, while giving the brand a feel of modernity and innovation. For Despar Northeast communication is extremely important, hence the necessity of using the best technology to reach these goals and achieve a definite impact and return on objectives (ROO).

Despar Northeast has found the answer in the services offered by M-Cube, the Italian leader in the production of multimedia integrated systems for modern retail chains. The project for the renewal and improvement of Despar Northeast stores has been quite extensive, including the implementation of Digital Signage in several stores, with various contents and graphic formats.

In detail:
Single display 16:9 in 14 Interspar and 3 Eurospar in the fresh produce areas (meat, deli and fish);
banner 4mx2m 3 1mx2m in 3 Interspar in the fresh produce areas (meat and vegetables);
videowall 16:9 in 3 Interspar and 2 Eurospar in the fresh produce areas (meat and vegetables);

Contents play the most important role in this project; they are at the heart of this new communication strategy and represent the distinguishing element of Despar Northeast for its customers.

Besides promotions and commercial offers, representing 40% of all display messages, Despar Northeast has introduced some special initiatives to inform its customers. In this case 20% of broadcasts deal with the catalogue, the monthly group publication that proposes offers on a particular theme; a further 30% consist of corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication, with relevant information on nutritional education, while the remaining 10% deal with local promotions, therefore adapted to each single store.

All this has made possible the modernization of the stores while promoting a new approach of the customers to the products and the Despar offer, and providing a more interactive and enjoyable shopping experience. This is however just a starting point, as Despar Northeast intends to continue the digitalization process by using digital signage to provide ever more effective communication. A project in the pipe-line are some “call to action” campaigns integrating advertising with the monitor contents and synchronized with the in-store radio. Other future projects include mobile integration (e.g. mobile marketing, iBeacon, etc.).

“Digital signage has enabled the strengthening of the marketing mix by integrating the in-store communication material with interactive multimedia contents, thus improving the shopping experience in our stores. We have observed a definite interest of our customers in interactive solutions, and now we are looking forward to introducing mobile revolution as our next project” says Marco Marchetti, in charge of new media at Aspiag Service srl. “The technology and the support of M-Cube have been vital in implementing this project, and will be equally important in dealing with the new ones, such as the Beacon system and much more”.

“We are very proud to have played a crucial role in the modernisation and transformation of a brand, and to have seen the results in such a short time. Witnessing the new impulse that our technologies, contents and know-how can give to a business is the engine that drives us to provide ever more concrete answers in line with today’s markets’ needs. Now we are very interested in the mobile system and all its possible applications in multichannel marketing and new technologies, such as the iBeacon system, through which it is possible to offer targeted messages to the consumer. It is a new paradigm in marketing communication” said Leonardo Comelli, Director of Sales at M-Cube.

Aspiag Service s.r.l. (Despar Northeast) is the largest and most innovative of the companies in the Consorzio Despar Italia that manage the Despar brand in Italy. In the Triveneto and Emilia Romagna regions, where Aspiag Service concentrates its business, the company is the market leader with a share of 14.92% (source GNLC, Dec. 2013).
At present Aspiag Service – with a turnover of 1,864.41 million Euros in 2013 – manages 207 branches under the Despar, Eurospar and Interspar names , has over 6.500 employees and supplies about 350 independent retailers .

M-Cube S.p.A.
Founded in 2001, M-Cube is Italy’s leading company specialising in audio-visual solutions and digital content management for in-store and out-of-home marketing.
Thanks to its highly innovative technologies, expertise and a team of highly qualified professionals, the company provides targeted solutions to meet its customers’ marketing needs and business objectives.
M-Cube is specialized in the design and implementation of in-store radio, marketing intelligence, mobile and proximity marketing and digital signage communication projects.
The company manges thousands of digital contact points globally, with a presence in over 68 Countries.
M-Cube provides solutions to all major vertical markets: Retail, Fashion & Luxury, GDO, Banking and Finance, Transportation and Corporates’ internal communication.

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