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At M-Cube we are passionate about our work and all the projects we manage.

M-Cube was founded in 2001, by a group of IT geeks and artists with an initial vision of making music a brand-identity differentiator for retail stores. As we have expanded and shaped our offerings since then, our creativity, love of innovative technology and inspiration to provide cutting-edge services have continued to be our driving force.

We tailor our solutions to help businesses use digital technology and multi-media content to add value for their customers, and create innovation and growth.


Our vision: Innovation, Exceptional content, Quality service and Reliability.

M-Cube’s passion is for creating value through digital technology, enabling your business to engage its customers in cutting-edge ways. We bring our four key principles to every project: combining innovative technology, exceptional content creation, a committed, top-quality service, and hassle-free, reliable project management.


We help businesses around the world to shine across the crowded channels of modern marketing, deploying innovation and growth across thousands of platforms. We deploy solutions worldwide and we manage installations across 6 continents. Bridging the gap between online channels and physical location, we provide solutions which enable companies to:

  • Gain the agility to react to market changes
  • Interact with their audience and serve their customers more efficiently
  • Optimize their resources and brand impact


Our digital expertise, with constant investment in research and development, means we’re truly innovative and can respond to the challenges of changing technologies’ impact on businesses.

We have carefully created a high-calibre network of technological and systems applications partner providers, so that we can always offer the best product and solution to meet our customers’ long-term objectives.


Content is King! We know that to engage your audience, you must use technology to create a relevant, meaningful, targeted content experience.

Powered by our Italian creativity, we work to understand your business needs and place quality content at the heart of any audio, visual, or digital communication and marketing project.


M-Cube provides a full service from the planning phase to the roll out and management worldwide.

Our aspiration is to deliver a consistent, high-quality standard of service throughout, meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations.


M-Cube is about people who achieve extraordinary results. Thanks to our shared values, plus the commitment and dedicated contribution of every single individual in the company, we have achieved market leadership in Italy, having assisted many Italian brands to deploy digital innovation worldwide. Our known reliability continues to gain us international recognition and is enabling us to consolidate our presence in China and the USA.


How M-Cube became the luxury-brand favourite with global reach.


Today M-Cube counts a workforce of 50 professionals and offices in Milan, Trieste, Shanghai and New York as well as a well-established network of global partners. M-Cube offers its services worldwide and manages thousands of audio and visual platforms in more than 80 countries.



Find out about M-Cube’s history of project managing digital media solutions: from in-store intelligence to digital out-of-home.

Founded in 2001, M-Cube has grown rapidly to become a leading digital media solution provider for in-store and digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing, now serving hundreds of brands worldwide. M-Cube specializes in creative audio-visual solutions and professional digital content management.

2001 Foundation and the in store radio

The company started out in 2001 with the initial vision of creating personalized music channels for retail brands. The M-Cube R&D team developed the first release of the innovative In-store Radio system: a web-based platform to create, schedule and manage a brand’s radio programs, to be played across retailers’ stores via a PC-based audio-player.

2002 The first Retail Chain

In 2002 we worked with our first retail chain client, and soon our In-store Radio service became a complete in-store marketing solution. Music was especially selected to enhance the brand’s image and increase customers’ dwell time in the store; audio messages were scheduled to inform the clientele and promote the merchandise; we also served the internal communication training and corporate channel.

2003 Experimenting with innovative technology

Alongside the In-store Radio, the company developed an active interest in innovative technologies for marketing in-store.
In 2003 M-Cube began experimenting with multisensory technology and created the revolutionary Trisensor multimedia Totem, which combined smells, sounds and images. In 2004, our Trisensor won the Italian and European “Popai Award for Innovation and Technology”.

2004 Introducing Digital Signage in Italy

M-Cube sealed a partnership with SCALA, the world-leading digital signage platform, and we became the digital signage pioneer in Italy.

2006 Audience tracking technology

Our company signed a partnership with a leading manufacturer of “audience tracking” technology, thus adding in-store marketing intelligence amongst our offered solutions.

2007 In-Store Radio 2.0

M-Cube released the In-store Radio 2.0., the new in-store audio-player based on a proprietary technology, and an upgraded content management platform. The In-store Radio 3.0 was released in 2013.

2009 Building on experience and know-how

Although Italy had to wait until 2010 to see any real investment in digital signage, M-Cube has worked throughout on challenging pilot projects for both the retail and banking sectors.
In this time, our company acquired unique know-how and experience in digital signage applications, content management and system integration. In 2009, we already had an active digital signage network in Europe.

2010 Luxury brands and global deployment

By 2010, M-Cube had acquired competitive advantage which placed the company at the forefront of the Italian digital signage market, and we were selected by Italian luxury fashion brands to carry out their international digital in-store innovation.

2011 Established full-service provider

M-Cube could now provide a full-service project management for an array of digital engagement solutions: audio and visual content delivery, interaction and proximity technology for audiences, and in-store marketing intelligence.

2012 Flexibility to serve all major commercial sectors

With the market interest in digital technology increasing, M-Cube extended its service to the varying sectors of banking and finance, food and beverage, transport infrastructure and corporate internal communications.

2014 Growth and international expansion

Since 2011, our solid business expansion has enabled us to make further research and development investment, aiming to develop cutting-edge solutions and respond to the market’s needs. In 2014 we made the acquisition of PushPull, one of the major Italian producers of audio and video programmes and contents. In the same year, M-Cube opened offices in New York and Shanghai.



Partnerships that help us to deliver our promise to you.

We’re proud to work with some of the best international names in the industry to help expand our capabilities and provide companies with the exact solutions they need.


Work with the experts and develop your career at the leading edge of digital media solutions

If you share our love of innovative technology, if you’re crazy about creativity or passionate about project management, why not explore the job opportunities available at M-Cube? See where we can take you! Our exciting, cutting-edge company is always expanding: we now have offices in Milan, Trieste, Shanghai and New York, and we offer our services worldwide. Managing thousands of audio and visual platforms in more than 70 countries, there’s always something interesting to get involved with.



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